Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 9

Space, the final frontier, is something that I will never understand. The size of the universe alone is unimaginable to me and I would not be surprised if there was another planet like ours. Yet NASA still has to invent much bigger telescopes in order to find the deepest parts of space. With all the unknown, film and literature have been inspired by space and its limitless possibilities. As in the most famous, Star Wars, which could actually be a realistic possibility in “some galaxy far, far, far away”.
With the improvement in technology, artists have been able to manipulate space to create art. For example, the Basic Plasma Facility at UCLA “generates unique images that illustrate our findings” (BAPSF). With the Large Plasma Device, physicists input formulas which the machine then interprets and creates really cool works of art. These formulas can be manipulated to effect the space thus making many different works. Another way a of manipulation is the effects of gravity. For example there is a plane that can recreate the loss of gravity like in space. The company is called Zero G and some photographers have used it’s facility to take photos with the effects of zero gravity. For example, the band OK Go, known for their fun music videos, used zero gravity in their 2016 music video “Upside Down & Inside Out”. They used props and cool dance moves to create a very artistic video. It is interesting because gravity is such a normal part of everyday life so seeing antigravity is not what you expect thus making the video very amusing.

In conclusion, space is a limitless, unknown entity. We have a whole program dedicated to it where every new discovery is extraordinary. From my point of view, I have seen photos of nebulas and stars exploding showing that space is truly a sight to see.
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